Drake- Nothing Was The Same Review


You know you’ve made it in the music industry when your name has become an adjective. Pitchfork.com upon reviewing Canadian rapper Drake’s third LPNothing Was The Same called the album his ‘Drakiest’, a description that makes sense once you hear the album a view times weigh it up against his previous two efforts. The emotional bars are still there, the flawless production,everything element from Thank Me Later and Take Care remains and you feel in familiar company as the album progresses. NWTS is standard Drake fair but on a higher level, more concentrated, more focused and the question is, how does Drake maintain such a high level three albums in? The two best songs on the album, Started From The Bottom and Hold On We’re Going Home can arguably be put forward as his two best songs and the album still sounds strong with the exclusion of 5 AM In Toronto and Girls Love Beyonce, released online before the launch of the album. The album doesn’t even need a guest spot from Kendrick Lamar and still sounds good, how can this be? The time must have come where it can be affirmed that Drake has reached Kanye levels of consistency. The biggest difference with the album is the relatively down-tempo feel that persists through the majority of the album, 2 chains it is not, which provides the perfect bed for his poignant and confessional lyrics  and showcased best on the song Too Much, featuring a sample from up and coming London producer Sampha. Post-Kendrick Lamar the album definitely seems to have bite to the lyrics, bars such as “You know it’s real when you are who you think you are” on Pound Cake/ Paris Morton Music II where Drake brings his A-game in order to spar with everyone’s favourite old guy Jay Z, but if lyric was used to summarize the feeling of the Album it would definitely have to be ‘Hot Love and Emotion… Endlessly’.

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