Russell Brand On Newsnight

Russell Brand, The Famous Comedian

The Famous Actor

The Famous and Wealthy Comedian and Actor

Is talking politics and revolution

On Newsnight

On the BBC’s Newsnight

Russell Brand

Right Now

With Jeremy Paxman

‘s Beard

The famous and wealthy political Journalist Jeremy Paxman

#RussellBrand is appearing on the BBC’s #Newsnight with the political journalist #JeremyPaxman

And his #beard

And He’s talking truth!

He’s talking the truth!

He’s speaking the words of revolution!

The words of truth!

The words of truth!

The words!

He’s definitely speaking words!

Jeremy Paxman’s beard looks unimpressed.

Jeremy Paxman’s beard, stiff and bristly.

Jeremy Paxman’s beard, stiff, unmoving and unimpressed.

Not like the comedian Russell Brand’s beard.

Enigmatic and affable,

A beard of the people. Bet Paxman’s beard went to private school.

‘What a circus’ I exhale, lifting the weary remote.

The beards disappear and I shift myself from the slump of the couch

‘Time for bed’ I tell myself.

I move through the swampy haze of my living room,


I’ve work in the morning,


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