5 Albums Due Out in 2014 that I am Intrigued By.


I don’t get excited by much things, but these things I is excited for:

1. Warpaint- Warpaint: I could not be a bigger fan of Warpaint. The Los Angeles based quartet have been a band since 2006 but are only now releasing their second album, following their 2010 debut The Fool, in January of the new year. The Fool was a really great, if underrated, album that was truly a grower and was really quite rewarding once you dedicated a bit of time to it. This prompted me to see them live in Oxford which was quite an experience, not least for me standing directly behind a couple sucking face the whole night, but the vibe was just the right amount of moody and jammy. Early songs from the album include Love is to Die, which, for the nerds, incorporates a titillating dynamic shift in melody from verse to chorus, as well as a song called Biggy whose synth-lead sounds a bit like Nine Inch Nails. Guitars have been apparently eschewed on this new one, which normally I’d complain about but apparently one of the band members is dating James Blake, so who am I to argue.

Percentage of Intrigue: 76%

2. Steven Malkmus and the Jicks- Wig Out at Jagbags: Yo, Steven Malkmus knows how to name shit. If you’re looking at the heading to this section thinking I’ve obnoxiously assembled a random bunch of words for comedic affect you are miserably mistaken; this is an actual name of a band and this is the actual name of their album. For those not in the know, Steven Malkmus was the frontman for, undeniably, the best band of the nineties. UNDENIABLY. That band was called Pavement and since their split, Malkmus has released songs with his new band the Jicks that sound, pretty much, like what Pavement used to sound like. And this is a good fucking thing. New songs on the album have titles such as Cinnamon and Lesbians, Surreal Teenagers and The Janitor Revealed. If you’re not intrigued then we can’t be friends. This is one for people who are fans of low-fi, nineties sounding rascals, who are my favourite type of people.

Percentage of Intrigue: 73%

3. Neneh Cherry- Blanck Project: News of a new album from nineties, Swedish, rude-gyal Neneh Cherry, produced by Fourtet and featuring the world’s most underrated popstar Robyn, had me champing at the bit. Literally. The bit was champing. Her classic anthem Buffalo Stance is one of my favourite songs of all times and her doing an album with Fourtet actually makes so much sense that I am ashamed I did not foresee it and tweet the suggestion of it months ago. The tile track is interesting but I’m hoping for something a bit more dancey on the album, everyone knows she’s got it in her.

Percentage of Intrigue: 69%

4. Bombay Bicycle Club- So Long, See You Tomorrow: North London’s finest are releasing their fourth album in February and their track record suggests that it will be a humongous banger. Truly one of the most versatile, thought-provoking bands out there today, comparisons with Radiohead are apt. First single Carry Me Sounds is a monster and points towards a dance-oriented sound previously road-tested on their last album A Different Kind of Fix. I am hoping, however, for a few indie-alternative gems that were distinctly lacking on that album. I hate to be that guy who asks for more guitars… But more guitars please. Regardless, I am sticking my neck out Nostradamus style and saying this album should be one of the year’s best. And you can quote me on that.

Percentage of Intrigue: 87%

5. Foo Fighters- Untitled Eighth Album: You know what, I don’t care if they’re old and mainstream, Foo Fighters are my favourite band, actually. Fuck you hipsters.

Percentage of Intrigue: James Bond teaming up with Sherlock homes to investigate a case, then doing sex after.


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