The Future of the Past or: How I Learned to Love Unoriginality and Embrace the Bass

Let me get this straight. I like my drums pounded and my guitars crunchy. However, with the comparatively restricting remit of rock and roll finding a new exciting band has always proven a problem, especially in a genre that prides itself on both originality and authenticity. It is no surprise nowadays we are increasingly confronted with bands that pass more than a glancing resemblance to acts of yesteryear, but I put forward the question: does it fucking matter? If everything has been done before should we not cherish bands who do remind us of acts we already love and can get our blood pumping regardless? As such, here a five rock and roll bands whose songs sound suspiciously familiar, but are still mad awesome.

The Orwells

When the Strokes came out with This Is It in 2001 the charts we besieged by a slew of sound-alike bands, some good some downright awful. These raucous Chicagoans have the same youthful garage-y energy as the New Yorkers did when the first hit the seen and with the songs to match. As a fan of the Strokes, the disappointment of the last couple of albums means that I’m pinning my hat on these guys to fill the jangly guitar shaped hole in my CD collection.

Parquet Courts

When Steven Malkmus first heard Parquet Courts he mistakenly thought someone was making him listen to early Pavement. The fact that he himself was in Pavement tells us a lot: Parquet Courts manage to combine the witty lyricism of Malkmus and co with the minimal art-rock song construction of Lou Reed. Which is a headfuck in iitself because Pavement were influenced by The Velvet Underground themselves. Hipster Inceptioooooooooooon…


Even their name sounds like grunge. The two-piece do make a pretty massive noive, which is surprising consider how they look. Echoes of Bleach-era Nirvana and the singer sounds a bit like Ian Curits if he was from the home counties, you can just hear the sweaty, heaving venues that their songs should be played in their incessant riffs. Great songs, but if I were to give one little criticism please get a bassist. Just do it, no one thinks you’re cool if you don’t have one. The White Stripes are dead, let them lie.


More grungeyness, but this time with specks of shoegaze which, with me being as unoriginal as their sound, means I am equating them with My Bloody Valentine. Dinosaur Jr also comes to mind, but without the guitar theatrics. Debut album was good, but hopefully their song writing will evolve. But at least they have a bassist.

Royal Blood

BBC sound of 2014 darlings Royal Blood are definitely getting the airplay in the UK, with Zane Lowe heaping his usual thick layers of sycophancy on the Brighton duo on his Radio 1 show. Songs like ‘Come On Over’ and ‘Little Monster’ smack of Queens of the Stone Age at the start of their and the fact that their wield just a Bass and a Drum-kit between them means that comparison with Death From Above 1979 are unavoidable. Another band whom I feel would benefit from some extra instrumental help on stage, you just know eventually they will have to increase their membership for live shows. Just suck it up lads, no one will judge you.


Oooooh, kill’ em.

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